Who are we?

At Mountain Ayurveda we aspire to bring the nature and its bountiful resources to the society through our products. The products that are manufactured at our facility are handmade and are purely made out of natural extracts. We have been in the field of Ayurveda for the past 22 years and have been manufacturing Ayurvedic product under the Brand name of Khadi and with the manufacturing name that goes as Veer Kuwar Singh Khadi Gramodyog Sangh. The want to explore and tap deeper into the consumer market for Ayurvedic products enabled us to start this venture.

Our mission is to bring Ayurveda closer to mankind in the form of beauty products which has become a necessity in one’s daily life and we plan to do that by providing unique ayurvedic products to the large masses at reasonable prices that helps tackle the daily beauty problems by the populace. Our journey started in 1992 by our founder Mr. Neeraj Kumar Singh who started as a trader of Khadi branded Cloth. After seeing his potential he was introduced to the Khadi Gramodyog industry by one of the officials working in the Khadi sector. The first few products that he started manufacturing were Dant Manjan (Tooth powder), Bathing Soap and Heena hair pack.

All this was manufactured in a small, cramped workshop and very little could be produced. In around 2009 he acquired a piece of land in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and set up his first manufacturing Unit. Being from a farmer’s family this was one of his greatest achievements. The Founder then went on to manufacture various products in the beauty line from Almond Oil to Facial Scrubs. The product quality of his product became consistent as he could now manufacture in bulk. Inspired by the market’s potential and the zeal to tap deeper into the Ayurvedic market he very recently founded another company: Mountain Ayurveda and started his independent venture in the Beauty line of Ayurvedic Market.