Khadi Cinnamon Oil 10 ml
Khadi Cinnamon Oil 10 ml

Khadi Cinnamon Oil 10 ml


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Product Description: 

Khadi India Cinnamon Essential Oil contains natural cinnamon oil which is beneficial for warding off fungal infections and other skin problems like acne and pimples. Its spicy nature eliminates bacteria and other harmful elements. It can also be added to bathwater to make it a detox bath to purify your skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Product Features:

  • Cleanses skin of bacteria and harmful substances
  • Prevents acne, pimples, and fungal infections
  • Has a spicy fragrance that might uplift the mood after a bath
  • Directions: Can be directly applied on the face by dabbing it or can be added to bath water for rich bathing experience
  • A product of Veer Kuwar Singh Khadi Gramodyog Sangh