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Veer Kuwar Singh Khadi Gramodyog Sangh

Mountain Ayurveda Mulethi Powder 100g (Pack of 2)

Mountain Ayurveda Mulethi Powder 100g (Pack of 2)

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What is mulethi Powder?

Mulethi is an Ayurvedic herb that is used in various home remedies for illness. It is one of the key ingredients in the preparation of disease-killing Kadha. Mulethi helps relieve
respiratory symptoms such as cold & cough. It is also known to control the Cholesterol
levels in blood.

How To Use:

A. Immunity Boosting Tea:  Mulethi powder can be used to prepare your favorite Kadha
or Immunity Tea that would help you boost your immunity as well as ward off many

B. Boosts Digestive System:  Summers and Monsoon seasons cause various stomach
related problems such as bloating, indigestion, acidity, heartburn, and constipation.
Carbonoxolone and glycyrrhizin present in Mulethi acts as mild laxatives and provide instant relief from such ailments.

Mix 1 Tablespoon of Mulethi Powder with honey in lukewarm water and drink. 

Ingredients: Mulethi

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